LifeGuard Travel Insurance to the rescue

We rescue you from confusing quotes and limited options. Our comparison chart makes travel plans easy to understand. You instantly purchase, and immediatly receive your id card - confirmation of your trip protection.

In today's uncertain world, travel insurance is no longer a luxury and, in fact, many health insurance plans have limited coverage outside of the United States. Medicare provides no coverage at all. Don't let the disaster du jour ruin your dream vacation.

Worldwide medical facility quality and outcomes vary wildly. Emergency Medical Evacuation insurance covers the cost of transporting you to modern, first-rate, facilities.

Get group travel quotes cutom designed for your group's needs. Churches, students and even families can benefit from group discounts.

Worldwide benefits can cover individual expatriates and their families. Global employees can also be covered.

Death and dismemberment insurance helps you, or your heirs, transition past any accidental tragedy.